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    Born in the Northwoods

    We seek ribbons of trail, byways of limestone, frozen routes of snow. We ride through sun, rain, snow, and perfect crisp days. Otso is born in the Northwoods, designed for the four seasons, capable of handling anything mother nature can dish out. As riders, we understand what matters most -- enjoying the ride, no matter what it throws at you. From the beginning of the design process until the tread hits the dirt, we mix decades of experience in product development and a passion for riding to create bikes that excel in the most challenging conditions. With each bike we design, and each step along the way, we think about that muddy race, that long stretch of headwind, that below zero day and that elusive day when the trail, weather and bike come together to make the perfect riding experience.

    Company Genesis 

    There are so many bike companies already -- why start another one? The short answer is because we wanted bikes that did not exist. Most people would just keep dreaming and hoping somebody would make their ideal bike someday but if you are the slightly crazy mechanical engineers and innovators from Wolf Tooth, you start a new bike company and spend every free minute making those bikes a reality.It sounded easy when we were first brainstorming over a couple of beers but we quickly learned that it takes a ton of work to do it right. We had to become experts in many areas including carbon molding, stainless steel tube welding, investment casting, and ISO fatigue testing to name a few. Along the way we developed a new patent-pending adjustable dropout system and frame design.The results of our efforts are two groundbreaking new bikes: a fat-capable narrow Q factor bike that feels like a nimble trail bike and is equally fun to ride in snow and dirt; and a drop-bar bike that transcends all the usual labels and is a joy to ride everywhere from gravel to CX to your favorite urban singletrack.Otso is focused on bringing new and innovative ideas to the bike industry and so far we’re pretty damn proud of the results. All of our test riders are amazed by these bikes, and you will be too from the very first ride to the last mile of an epic race. Enjoy the adventure!

    Meet the Otso Team

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    Otso Cycles 

    3100 West Park Dr 

    Burnsville, MN, USA, 55306 


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    Phone: 855-965-3284 

    The photography on our website was produced by Todd Fawcett and Ryan Krueger.