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  -- "Otso Waheela C is a Swiss Army gravel bike that can do almost anything" Full Voytek review here.

    Mountain Bike Action Magazine -- Bike Test: Otso Voytek -- "The Voytek is not your average fat-tire machine; it’s a bike designed to be built for many different intended uses. The Voytek can be trans-formed into a plus-sized hardtail with a suspension fork and a dropper post, or it can be ridden as a fat bike with the nar-rowest Q-factor on the market." Full Voytek review here.

    Gear Institute -- Best Fat Bikes of 2017 -- "If a 4-season rider asked me what single bike to buy for rear round enjoyment, the Voytek would be top of my list." Full Voytek review here.

    Outside Magazine -- First Look: Otso Warakin -- "We predict lots of people will fall in love with this stainless-steel gravel bike, thanks to a smart design that allows users to customize the ride."

    CyclingTips -- "It’s smartly designed and its details well thought-out, it’s reasonably priced, looks good, rides and handles well, and should last for ages. What’s not to like?" -- "My first impressions of the Voytek are very, very positive. Not only have they designed in some features that should offer big advantages for some riders (like the narrow Q-factor) but they have also developed a very well thought out design with high quality construction." Full Voytek review here.

    Adventure Cycling -- "I feel pretty safe in saying that yes, this joyful warrior is for you. Mountain biking? It’s a riot. Bikepacking? You’re good to go. Casual fat biking? It’ll be the easiest bike to toss in your buddy’s truck. Fat bike racing? Considering how incredibly stiff — not to mention light — the frame is, racing might be this bike’s calling." Full Voytek reveiw here.

    Bicycling Magazine - video review here.

    Outside Magazine -- First Look: Otso Voytek -- "At last, buying a fat bike doesn't have to be an investment for just a few snowy months per year"

    GearJunkie ‘Top Gear’ Of The Year 2016 -- "Startup bike brand Otso blurs the line between plus-size and fat. It’s a carbon-fiber hardtail built for riders who need high performance and good value, transforming between two setups: mountain bike and fat bike. It does so with no compromise and has the narrowest Q-factor of any production fat bike. The Otso Voytek is among the most unique bikes of the year."

    Outside Magazine -- The Six Hottest Mountain Bikes of 2017 -  "It’s the bike I’ve been wanting for years because, at last, your year-round rig can double as a winter fattie without compromise in either format."  Full story here.

    GearJunkie -- "This is one of the most exiting bikes we’ve reviewed in the last few years. Its engineering is excellent, and good design translates into a bike that is fast, fun, modern, versatile, and just plain rips." Full Voytek review here - "The Otso Voytek This bike is the star of the show. Tons of innovation in this carbon beauty." , "I took the Voytek out after riding the Advocate Hayduke (27.5+) and the Surly Krampus (29+) and the ride up to the dirt trailhead is nice gradual uphill. Now you would think that the plus bikes would feel easier on that climb, but the Voytek felt better to me. I rode a large with a ridgid fork and the new Terrene Wazia Tires. At the top of the climb, I dropped some air out of the Wazias and let’r rip. The resulting grin was wide and toothy." -  here and here with more coming.

    Bike Rumor - Aug 2016 - "Wide Q factor is something that fat bikers have had to live with as tires started to get wider and wider, but now that I’ve had the taste of something narrower that still fits relatively wide tires, I’m not sure I can go back." Read full Voytek review here, here, and here.

    The Radavist - Aug 2016 - Read full report here.
    Cyclocross Magazine - Aug 2016 - Read full report here.