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Manuals and Tech Documents

Tuning Chip Dropout System - exploded assembly view and torque specs

Q Factor - definition and explanation of the benefits of narrow Q factor

Tire and rim compatibility - chart showing what tire/rim combinations will fit Voytek

Bottom bracket assembly - Raceface press fit 107 installation instructions

Lithic Rhyolite tubeless setup - step by step instructions to set your wheels up tubeless

CAMO System Installation - torque specs for Cinch lock ring and CAMO bolts



Q: What is the warranty on the frames?

A: 2 years on carbon frames and 5 years for metal frames (original owner only)

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we will contact you for shipping options and payment once we have your address.

Q: What shipping options do you offer?

A: For U.S. addresses, we offer two options: 1) free shipping which will include the frame and parts, requiring considerable assembly skill and time or 2) $120 shipping which will include a fully assembled bike with some parts removed for shipping. The average home mechanic should be able to complete the assembly in under 30 minutes. Contact us for international shipping rates and options.


Q: Is the Voytek just another open model carbon frame with your name on it?

A: Not even close! Every detail of this frame and fork was first created by us as a 3D CAD model. We then worked with one of the best carbon frame builders in Taiwan to turn our design into a finished product. It’s a unique frame that required huge investments in time and money to develop. We own the design and all of the tooling -- we even applied for a patent on it.

Q: What is unique about the Voytek bike?

A: 1) Narrow Q-factor -- the pedal stance on this bike is only about 10 mm wider than a normal mountain bike whereas other fat bikes are at least 20-30 mm wider. This makes a huge difference in the handling of the bike. It’s a hard tail trail bike that can fit fat tires, not a fat bike claiming to be a trail bike!

2) Adjustable geometry via our patent-pending Tuning Chip™ system. 20 mm of adjustment that changes both the chainstay length, bottom bracket drop and head tube angle. The handling can be slower and slacker or faster and slighly steeper.

3) Modern XC geometry with longer front center and shorter rear center make it equally fast, stable, and agile with a suspension fork or our own rigid carbon fork.

Q: What suspension forks can I use on the Voytek?

A: Any modern suspension fork with 100-120 mm of travel will work great (including fat, plus, 29er). Using a fork with more than 120 mm of travel will void the frame warranty. 80 mm travel fork could be used but bike geometry will be compromised.

Q: What makes the fabrication of the Voytek carbon frame better than other frames?

A: 1) EPS molding technique assures smooth interior walls and even carbon compaction. This process is more expensive but produces a much better frame. Only the best companies in the industry use this method. 2) 100% high quality carbon fiber -- no fiberglass, no aluminum inserts. This means higher strength and lower weight. 3) monocoque front triangle is very strong and light 4) proportional sizing means that each frame size is unique and all dimensions are optimized for that size. This means a better fit for you.

Q: What is Plus-Fat?

A: It’s a combination of our narrow Q-factor, Tuning Chip system and refined geometry that delivers great handling as a 27.5+ or 29+ trail bike in the dirt and as a fat bike in the snow or sand.

Q: How do I know the Voytek frame is safe?

A: Each size has been tested to exceed EN/ISO test standards.


Q: Why is stainless steel better than chrome-moly?

A: Stainless steel offers the same or better ride qualities combined with great corrosion resistance and a uniquely beautiful appearance. Stainless steel frames can last a lifetime, even when used in harsh environments.

Q: Why is stainless steel better than titanium?

A: Titanium is a great material but stainless steel arguably offers a more lively and dynamic ride.

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