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    Both the Otso Arctodus and the Voytek 2 have a 5mm offset rear wheel.

    For the new Voytek 2, we wanted to be able to run even bigger tires than before, as well as clear the chain on 12-speed drivetrains. On a 12-speed cassette, the largest cog sits inboard even further than 11-speed, meaning the chain moves further toward the center of the wheel, and closer to the tire.  

    In order to keep the narrow Q factor of the original Voytek, and make it 12-speed compatible, we needed to move the cassette out, away from the tire. This meant offsetting the hub to the driveside of the bike by 5mm. With the hub no longer on the centerline of the frame, the rims must be dished 5mm to the non-driveside, to keep the tire in line with the center of the frame. With this, the cassette sits further out away from the tire and thus the chain does as well.

    To dish your existing rear wheel to fit the Voytek 2, you will need:
    • Truing stand
    • Spoke wrench
    • 10mm axle spacer - STL available

    Recommended Tools:
    • Spoke tension meter
    • Dishing gauge
    • 10mm axle plug (to use with the dishing gauge) - STL available

    Place your wheel in the truing stand with a 10mm axle spacer on the non-driveside. (The spacer will keep the rim centered once the hub is offset). 

    Starting at the valve hole, loosen every driveside spoke a half turn. Once you have made a full revolution, tighten every non-driveside spoke a half turn. This will start to pull the rim toward the non-driveside. Continue loosening the driveside and tightening the non-driveside by a half turn until the wheel is dished 5mm. 

    When measuring with a dishing tool, you will actually be measuring a 10mm gap between the non-driveside hub end cap and the tip of the dishing tool. We have an STL file for a 10mm axle plug tool you can print yourself to help you measure this when dishing your wheel. 

    Set the gauge to the driveside, and compare to the non-driveside. The axle plug is used to make it easier to measure the 10mm gap. 


    Ensure the tension is the same between all of the spokes on each side of the rim. Ensure the rim runs true. The wheel is now ready to use on your Voytek 2.