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    Rhyolite Tubeless Setup Instructions


    Protective eyewear
    Rhyolite tubeless kit (rim strip, tape, and valve stem)
    Tire levers
    Utility knife
    Tubeless sealant (Orange Seals, Stans, etc.)
    Spray bottle of soapy water


    1. Make sure inside of the rim is clean and then install the rim strip. Make sure valve stem hole is lined up and the rim strip is centered in the rim and covers all the cutouts completely.

    2. Apply a layer of tape around the inside of the rim. Start a 6-8 inches before the valve stem and stop a 6-8 inches after the valve stem so you end up with a double layer of tape over the valve stem. 

    3. Use your finger to push the tape down firmly on the rim to insure there is good adhesion.  Use a tire lever to push the tape down into the corners of the rim.


    4. Use an awl or a nail to poke a hole in the tape so you can install the valve stem.


    5. Place the tire on the rim and place tire sealant inside the tire.


    6. (optional) Spray a little soapy water on the tire bead so it slides into place on the rim more easily.

    7. Fill up the tire with air until the beads are fully seated.  Be careful not to over-inflate the tire.  If you fill the tire to max pressure and the beads are not seated, deflate the tire and apply more soapy water to the tire bead.