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    Note: Images may not show actual build kit content. Pricing and specifications subject to change without notice. Comparable components may be substituted when necessary to fulfill bike shipments.


    Approved fit (tire width <126mm):
    26x4.8" Schwalbe Al Mighty on Lithic Cryolite 100
    26x5.0" Terrene Johnny 5 on Lithic Cryolite 100

    *For wheel/tire combinations not listed above, the max tire width should not exceed 126mm if you are running 12-speed, and clearance to the frame should never be less than 6mm.
    **Tire width and runout can vary by a couple millimeters, and tubeless tires will stretch slightly over time. Wheel dish will also affect chain clearance. Our tests were performed with new tires at 10psi on wheels dished 5mm to the non-driveside.

    Compatible fenders

    PDW - Mud Shovel Front and Rear Fenders

    SKS - Fatboard Fender Set


    compatible racks

    Axiom - Fatliner Rear Rack

    Salsa - Alternator Rear Rack 190 / 197

    Topeak - Uni Super Tourist Fat Rear Rack

    Blackburn - Outpost Fat Rear Rack

    Surly - Rear Disc Rack Wide


    Frame Bag Dimensions

    (click on links to view PDF drawings)